List your age, gender, relationship status, and interests. Add photographs. Post plans and ideas to everyone or just your Wings. Adjust settings. Select available/unavailable to show when you’re free to hang out.



Simple and effective options. Hide your profile from the opposite or same gender, or from individual users that you select.



See all profiles and posts of users in your area. Search within a certain radius and based on the age, gender, and relationship status of users. Message a user to communicate. Wave to a user to become “Wings.”



See all profiles of your “Wings.” See all posts from your “Wings” letting you know what they are interested in doing that day or night.


  • Mobile application to meet wingmen and wingwomen.
  • Message with users individually.
  • Post what you are looking to do.
  • Search what users in the area have recently posted.
  • “Wave” to users you choose to connect with.
  • “Wave” back to accept a user as your “Wing”.
  • Option to block individual members, or members of the same or opposite sex.
  • Login via Facebook. WingMatch will never post to your Facebook account without your permission.

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